On the Prowl – Scene 1: James Castile, John Rodriguez.

James and John met in London and now James is visiting John in his homeland. The explosive chemistry that they found in London still persists on this visit and the guys can’t wait to get their hands all over each other. Both men step into the shower to rinse off the city as they also begin to engulf each other’s throbbing uncut cocks. Moving to the bed James squats down over John’s raw cock and it pierces his wet hole. James pops on and off to feel the total pleasure of John’s long shaft sliding completely inside of him. James then flips John and glides his rock hard cock deep into his hungry hole. As James pounds away and John his balls have swollen to full capacity with his hot load, but James will not let him release the pressure just yet. John is no longer able to repress his pleasures and blasts his thick creamy load. James continues pounding away at John’s ass then pulls out shoots his first burst of cum then shoves his cock back in balls to the wall deep and unleashes his full load deep in John’s ass.

Reality Porn #3: Sergio Serrano, Elio Guzman

Sergio has been cruising online and has invited Elio over. Elio doesn’t know that Sergio plans to have their fuck session filmed. When Elio arrives he is immediately interviewed about his feelings about being filmed. It turns out that Elio is quit the exhibitionist. Sergio and Elio jump on each other faster than the camera can get focused. Taking full control of the situation, Sergio becomes very aggressive with Elio, pulling his monster cock out of his pants and forcing Elio down his fat shaft. Elio struggles to swallow Sergio’s huge cock. His appetite and desire for Sergio gives him the ability to push himself past his limits. As hard as he tries, Elio is struggling to swallow Sergio’s huge cock, his extra large mushroom head is enough that anyone would gag on. As Elio sucks away at Sergio’s cock, Sergio admires, spits, licks and tongues Elio’s perfect pucker hole. Sergio flips Elio face down and rams his steel rod deep into Elio’s hungry hole. Elio grabs the opportunity and starts to ride Sergio’s hot cock much to Sergio’s pleasure. The guys flip and Elio ends up on his back with his legs spread wide open allowing Sergio complete access to his dripping wet hole. Sergio pounds deep and hard and touches Elio in spots he never knew were possible. Elio has discovered new pleasure points deep within his hole with Sergio’s fat cock that he has no choice but to release his hot, creamy load as Sergio continues his relentless assault. With Elio’s ass muscles milking his cock, Sergio’s huge mushroom head explodes a stream of cum all over Elio’s chest and abs. Rough sex should always end with a tender kiss.

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Reality Porn #2: Juanjo Rodriguez, John Rey

John is a flight attendant that has just been transferred to Madrid and is looking for an apartment. John is meeting with Juanjo today to look at the room he has for rent in his apartment. Juanjo gives John a tour of the apartment and lets him know that he is looking for more in a roommate. As the negotiations begin so does the touching, which leads to some very heavy cock sucking. Juanjo is very impressed with John’s ability to deep throat and swallow his cock the full length. John’s cock sucking skills are driving Juanjo crazy with desire. He switches up and begins to show John that he too is an expert deep throater. Juanjo begins priming John’s ass for his hard cock by fingering his tight hole, first with 2 fingers then 3 then his throbbing cock. Taking John from behind, Juanjo penetrates John’s wet hole completely, withdrawing just so the head of his cock remains in John’s ass then pounding him deep and hard. John flips over onto his back and Juanjo again begins his hard pounding on John’s ass. John has relaxed and opened up his ass completely for Juanjo, and Juanjo is unable to control his load any longer and withdraws and shoots his huge load all over John’s face. John cannot resist the feel of hot cum on his face and release his hot milky load. Do you have a room for rent?

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Reality Porn #1: Diesel O’Green, Julio Rey

Diesel takes us along to the park in Madrid to show us what it is like to actually meet a hot guy in person. Remember the days before everything was mobile and instantaneous, when you actually got to see the real person, not the one they hoped to be or were. Diesel spots Julio coming along, who could miss this hot muscular specimen of a man? Julio invites us back to his place and Diesel is sporting his hard on before he even enters the apartment. The guys quickly strip down and are showing off their bodies and cocks to each other. Diesel loves hot sexy Spanish men, but even more so he loves hot sexy Spanish pollas! Julio and Diesel swap out blow jobs before Julio begins prepping Diesel’s pink hole for his cock with his probing tongue. Diesel’s hole was ready before he entered the apartment, now it is just dripping with desire to be fucked and Julio penetrates him deep and hard. Julio’s cock is rock hard, looking as if it may snap if it gets any harder. It is so hot to watch Julio’s cocoa colored cock fucking away at Diesel’s tight pink hole. Diesel has rode the wave of pleasure that he is now demanding Julio to give it to him. Julio counteracts with a rapid fire succession of ass pounding thrusts that forces Diesel’s creamy load to erupt from his swollen cock. Julio continues his assault on Diesel’s ass until his cock can no longer balance on the cliffs edge and unleashes a climax that carries him into the oblivion of pure bliss.

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Casting Couch #328: Tomas Friedel, Honza Capek

Tomas and Honza are in the military and have taken a break to relax. Relaxing leads to some hardcore cock sucking with some hot face fucking and choking down of your friend’s massive piece of meat. Tomas spreads Honza open and probes his ass deep with his throbbing cock. Honza fights to relax his ass muscles and control his breathing to accommodate Tomas’ cock. Tomas continues pounding away at Honza’s ass until he flips Tomas and rams his hungry cock full depth into Tomas’ wet hole. Honza coats Tomas’ ass with his creamy load as Tomas lets his hot load fly across the room. Now that both guys are relaxed it is time to return to active duty. Relax with a buddy soon, you will thank us.

Men In The City – The Portrait: Jalil Jafar, Marco Rubi

Marco is taking the wonderful sights of the city when he decides to have his portrait drawn. After the street vendor is finished, Marco realizes that he doesn’t have any money with him and invites the artist, Jalil Jafar back to his room so he can pay him. Of course Marco has no money and so the oldest form of payment in the world is used. Marco savors Jalil’s hairy pecs and pits with his wet tongue and lips. Jalil pops Marco’s throbbing cock free from his shorts and devours every last piece of it. Marco slicks up Jalil’s huge cock as both men spit on his cock and Jalil takes Marco’s head in his hands and begins face fucking his hungry mouth. Marco chokes down every bit of that huge, wet cock. Marco and Jalil flip fuck each other until Marco ends up squatting down onto Jalil’s huge piece of meat. Marco demands more and Jalil delivers all that he desires until Marco can hold back no longer and lets his thick creamy load flow from his straining cock. Jalil continues pounding away at Marco’s hot ass until he explodes his famous unending geyser of cum that just keeps on shooting from his throbbing cock. I think Jalil will accept this form of payment, would you?

Madrid Stories – An Unexpected Visitor II: Tony Gys, Mateo Stanford

Mateo and his lover Denis have just finished a hot sex session after being apart for a long time. Denis heads off to take a bath. Mateo has forgotten that he has invited Tony over and when Tony arrives Mateo explains the situation and this only turns Tony on. Tony rips off Mateo’s towel and they begin sucking each other’s straining cocks. Mateo spreads Toni’s legs open and eats his ass while stroking his cock. Tony spits on his cock and uses the excess spit to stimulate his nipples. With his cock fully engorged Tony flips Mateo and starts pounding his hot ass. Now Mateo takes control and flips Tony and plants his cock deep into Toni’s hungry hole. Mateo pounds away at Toni’s ass until he pulls out and showers his balls with his thick creamy load. With his balls drenched in cum Tony shoots his hot load all over his chest and face. Denis then enters the room and is surprised to see Tony in their home. Mateo is very confused at first until Denis explains that he too has been having an affair with Tony and wanted to propose that he join their relationship. The world is much smaller than you think.

Casting Couch #326: Alex Brando, David Kadera

David has hooked up with Alex on his mobile app and is enjoying the photos that he sent. Alex arrives and releases his hard cock for David to savor and devour. Alex takes the hair from David’s head in hands and guides his hungry mouth down his long, thick shaft. David gets really turned on when Alex begins stripping down and revealing his huge muscular body. Alex bends David over and dives into his blond furry hole with his tongue. Alex works his hole over until it is dripping wet. With David’s hole slicked with Alex’s spit, Alex thrusts his raw cock fully into David’s ass. Alex rides his ass slow and deep then fast and hard before flipping him over and slipping his cock back into David’s hungry hole. Alex teases and taunts David’s ass until David shoots his thick load of cum. Alex continues fucking away at David’s raw ass and dumps his hot load in David’s ass. David then squeezes out Alex’s hot load from his ass. Alex uses the head of his cock to massage the dripping cum from David’s ass onto his cock before shoving it back into David.

Madrid Stories – An Unexpected Visitor I: Denis Vega, Mateo Stanford

Mateo is so horny and is cruising on his mobile app and makes a connection. When Mateo opens the door there stands Denis, his lover that has been away on active duty and returns home on furlough, excited to see his lover. Neither Mateo or Denis have had sex in a long time and waste no time flip sucking each other’s hot, hard cocks. Denis wraps his belt around Mateo’s head to fuck his throat harder and swapping spit for added slicked up cocks. Mateo then wraps the belt around Denis’ cock and balls as he eats away at his ass. Denis loves the restraint and the hot ass stimulation that his cock oozes a heavy load of pre-cum. Once Mateo senses that Denis is primed he forces his cock deep inside his ass. Mateo pounds Denis deep and hard before he unleashes his hot load all over Denis’ muscular ass. Denis then flips Mateo and slams his ass with his raging hard cock. Both men’s muscular bodies are glistening with sweat as the passion rises and the intensity of the hard ass pounding continues. Denis reaches his explosive climax that drenches Mateo’s torso with a hot creamy load. Welcome home my love.

Lover’s Lane #20: John Finkel, Max Toro

The cameras are rolling and we get to watch John and Max go raw on each other’s ass. These guys have a lot of passion and desire for each other. Passionate kissing leads to hard cocks flopping out and into each other’s hungry mouths. Max face fucks John’s throat before flipping and taking John’s cock deep into his own throat. With his cock slicked with spit, John shoves his hard cock deep into Max’s hungry, hairy, hole. John is driven wild by Max’s wet ass that he sprays his hairy crack with his creamy load before shooting the last of his load deep inside of Max. Max flips John and begins pounding his ass deep and hard. Max’s huge ball sac is getting really heavy with the load that he has been building up. John knows how to work his lover’s cock with his tight ass muscles and squeezes out Max’s huge load. Max showers John’s hole with his thick load before re-inserting his dripping cock into John’s drenched ass.